4zerobox: the new tool for Industrial IoT

TheThings Network

The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 10-11-2017

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is a concrete opportunity of innovation for small and large enterprises. In particular, the digitalization of industrial processes (Industry 4.0) is a trending topic that includes the IoT as a core capability. However, the digitization of industrial environments is often limited by practical obstacles like the inaccessibility of PLC code, the spread of low capability IoT gateways and the compliance with technical and industrial regulations.


4zerobox is an easy to configure and easy to program modular hardware electronic unit: it is perfectly suited for data acquisition and processing from existing systems and is fully compatible with hundreds of standard sensors. You can digitalize existing industrial assets without installing a PLC! It allows:

IoT enabling an existing machine to have a distributed sensors network into the plant operations and acquire valuable information, thus bypassing an obsolete PLC;
Seamless Integration with enterprise software infrastructures further extending the value of a ready to deploy toolkit.
4zerobox is ideal for applications in Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Logistics, Home Automation, Smart Cities and all market sectors where IoT is a core capability.

How to connect and send data from 4zerobox to The Things Network console via the Microchip LoRa module.

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