9 reasons why you should move from The Things Network to The Things Industries

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The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 09-06-2023

The LoRaWAN® market is growing rapidly, with projections to reach $6.2 billion by 2026. As the IoT projects are growing more and more, they require better management of network components.

The Things Industries is a company that offers private LoRaWAN network services and support for enterprise customers. It runs and manages The Things Network, but it also provides additional services and features that can benefit its users. In this article, we will explore why The Things Network users might want to switch to The Things Industries.

Why should you move to The Things Industries?

1. Private LoRaWAN network deployment: users can have their own dedicated network infrastructure, which offers more control, security, and customization options. Private networks are ideal for enterprise customers who need to connect large numbers of devices and require high levels of reliability and additional security.

2. Better support: The Things Industries offers professional support to its customers, including dedicated support engineers, knowledge base and network health monitoring and alerting. If you would like to make sure your LoRaWAN deployment stays on track while you focus on business development, check out The Things Industries’ The Things Stack and its support offer.

3. Increased security: The Things Industries offers advanced security features such as Global Join Server, firmware updates.

4. Flexible deployment options: The Things Industries offers flexible deployment options. Users can choose to have their network hosted in the cloud (hosted by The Things Industries) or self-hosted on-premise. Learn more

5. Packet Broker: The Things Industries offers Packet Broker for LoRaWAN traffic exchange (peering or passive roaming) between The Things Stack and other network servers. This allows users to connect to other networks and devices.

6. Service-Level Agreement: The Things Industries’ SLA offers guaranteed uptime, ensuring your devices and applications stay connected. The SLA serves as a guarantee of the level of service and support that will be provided.

7. Regulatory Compliance: The Things Industries operates in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and industry standards. Customers can enquire for adjustments in deployment to comply with their area’s regulations.

8. Gateway, device and application analytics: The Things Industries’ Network Operations Center allows you to analyze the health of your application, examine traffic patterns, battery usage and much more. Learn more

9. Single sign-on: The Things Industries' enterprise single sign-on feature streamlines user authentication across multiple applications, allowing seamless access to their IoT ecosystem. It enhances security and user experience by eliminating the need for multiple login credentials, simplifying user management and increasing operational efficiency.

The Things Industries offers a comprehensive range of services that can benefit organizations looking to deploy IoT solutions. Its advanced security features, scalability, easy migration, integration with third-party services, and professional support provide a complete end-to-end solution that can accommodate various IoT needs.

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