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Becoming Official Communities

Rishabh Chauhan

Global Community Manager

Posted on 06-12-2016

Do you want to become an official community of The Things Network? Here is how you can become one by following these simple steps -

  1. Number of Gateways: Your community needs to have a minimum of 2 active gateways connected to The Things Network. If you need some help getting hold of these devices, contact our team and we can connect you to the right people.

  2. Number of Members: Any community is made up of like minded people. Get 8 people on board as engaged contributors and expand the outreach.

  3. Let Your Presence be Known: Simple and quite easy to do. A community needs to have a post on the forum and an update through the campaign page to reach this criteria. Certain communities would have already done it in the past so nothing to worry about there.

  4. Slack Channel: We would recommend an internal communication channel to stay in touch with everyone on board. Slack is one of the most convenient platforms when it comes to this. Fill in the link to your existing channel and ta-da its done.

  5. Host a Meetup: For all the newly initiated communities, we would ask to host a meetup to kick off the activities. If you have already hosted such events in the past and fulfilled all the above challenges then you would notice an 'official' on your campaing page.

For any queries on this, email -