5 ways to convince your boss

Wienke Giezeman

Initiator of The Things Network

Posted on 27-11-2017

Haven't got your hands on a ticket to The Things Conference yet? Let us provide you with some help in convincing your boss.

1. Most effective way to become a LoRaWAN expert

The program is packed with hands-on workshops and keynotes on the cutting-edge LoRa technology. Joining the conference will make you an expert in just three days. There is no other place in the world with so much collective knowledge and experience about LoRaWAN. Benchmarking the ticket costs to a professional course will show you its great value price.

Value | A course that would result in a similar amount of knowledge is at least 4 time the price of a complete ticket


2. Access to the online LoRaWAN course

You will get access to 40+ hours of content, including:

  • High quality video lectures from industry experts
  • Tutorials on device commissioning, localization techniques and platform integrations
  • Audio podcasts with, among others, Ray Ozzie (former CTO of Microsoft) and Nicolas Sornin (inventor of LoRa)
  • A certification, signed by The Things Network's Tech Lead himself

Check out the contents of the course here.

Value | All keynote speakers and workshop facilitators don't have to start with explaining the basics, they can focus on the in-depth detailed knowledge during the conference.


3. Free goodies!

Including nodes, gateways and cloud credits. No further explanation needed, obviously.

Value | This will be a direct R&D cost saving.

4. Create business opportunities

You will be amongst the brightest minds in the LoRaWAN ecosystem and meet lots of interesting people. They all have elaborate experience with LoRaWAN deployments and have made many mistakes before you. Getting these people in your network will be valuable, not only for you, but also for your company.

Value | Create new business and prevent making obvious mistakes in your LoRaWAN development.


5. We have made this great slide deck that convinces your boss in no-time

It even includes a slide to build your own business case and calculate the ROI.

Bonus. The conference takes place in Amsterdam

You will have a good time for sure.