Do I need to have a NetID for LoRaWAN® network?

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Posted on 31-08-2021

NetID is a value that identifies LoRaWAN® networks and needs to be used for all LoRaWAN network operations which collaborate with other networks. Depending on the type of NetID, there can be higher or lower costs associated with it. Read along this article to learn when you need a NetID.

NetID is used by networks to assign end-devices network-specific addresses so that uplink frames transmitted by those devices can be routed to their home network even while roaming outside of it. The types of NetIDs range from 0 through 7, depending on the number of end-devices that can have a unique address on the network. The values 0 to 7 indicate the 3 MSB (Most Significant Bits) of the NetID. The following composition of the NetID is based on the Least Significant Bits (LSB) length and number of RFU bits.

NetIDs valued at 000000 and 000001 are intended for experimental network use or for non-collaborating networks. They can be used by any LoRaWAN network that does not have a NetID assigned to it by the LoRa Alliance.

Any network used beyond the experimental phase requires a NetID. There are two options for obtaining a NetID: get an own NetID through LoRa Alliance membership, or use a dedicated DevAddr block from a host NetID. For instance, you can lease a DevAddr block from The Things Industries, which is cheaper than LoRa Alliance membership to obtain a NetID. For more information, please contact

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If you already own a NetID, obtain your DevAddr prefix: Define DevAddr Prefix by NetID

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