Energy is all around us

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Millions of battery-powered IoT devices are deployed in the field every year. All with the requirement to last for 3, 5 or even 10 years without the necessity to change or recharge the batteries. LoRaWAN is one of the technologies that enable these devices to last for so long, right? Well, not really.


Technologies such as LoRa are not particularly low power, it’s merely the act of putting devices in deep sleep for over 99.9% of the time that significantly impacts the battery life. The difference is about 4 orders of magnitude between the power consumption of a device in deep sleep and a device transmitting LoRaWAN data. Microchip’s LoRaWAN module (RN2483 or RN2903) consumes 1.6 μA in deep sleep mode, when sending, the power consumption increases over 24000 times to 38.9mA source. With the latest LoRa chip (SAM R34/R35), Microchip even managed to bring the power consumption down to 790nA.

As technical developments in the field of batteries have stagnated, new ways to improve the device lifecycle has to be found. We need a shift in our mindset and think of novel ways where batteries are not the limiting factor for IoT devices. Swedish startup Qoitech argues that the battery life of your IoT solution will make or break your business. Battery optimization needs to be at the top of your mind throughout the whole development cycle for everyone involved. Small improvements of a few micro Amps can significantly increase the impact of the lifespan of IoT devices.

What about never having to use batteries again?
Tryst, a spin-off of Rotterdam-based TWTG shows that 200 lux (about the amount fo light you find under your desk) already is enough to keep an IoT device running forever. The small solar panel, in combination with a capacitor provides enough energy to send data over LoRaWAN. Simon van der Jagt, founder of Nowi, enables devices to use the energy that is already readily available in our surroundings in the form of light, heat, movement or even radio waves.

Energy is all around us. Join The Things Conference, learn how to deal with the energy constraint and change the way we think about batteries

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