Generic Node Tracker Edition, a LoRaWAN® device that enables geolocating for various use cases

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Posted on 11-05-2021

Generic Node is a LoRaWAN device that supports several use cases at once on low power. Generic Node Tracker Edition implements LR1110 geolocation capabilities, enabled in partnership with Irnas.

Watch Irnas talking about Generic Node at The Things Conference

Irnas creates solutions for IoT sensing and edge computing by combining a variety of networks and using in-house built modules. Irnas LR1110 PoC incorporates Generic Node Tracker Edition design allowing it to build several applications using one device. Some of the Generic Node use cases include:

  • Indoor/outdoor movement tracking for retail: shopping cart, high-value product tracking, and more.

  • Asset movement tracking in logistics, warehouse facilities, building sites.

  • Alarm trigger: in retail stores, warehouse, etc.

  • Animal tracking on farms/in rural areas

Some visual demonstration of Generic Node use cases implemented by Irnas:

Tracking position of KORUZA FSO links

Asset tracking of car accessories

Monitoring of door usage

Irnas' LR1110 PoC optimizes a multi-purpose device to fit even the most robust industrial use cases. Generic Node and Irnas’ fully potted solution solves issues that usually come with single IoT devices: there is no need to reset your device or having a fully new IoT device for different use cases. It is easy to adjust a form factor to implement any of the above-mentioned use cases, as well as add energy harvesting or primary cell for a long-lasting solution.

“We have seen a need for a single-purpose device that tackles a particular challenge. The Things Industries have been developing Generic Node, which is a great example of a well-built design that allows modifications, but at the same time having a stable core. On that basis, we have created a robust version of this to put into an industrial environment.” Luka Mustafa, Founder and CEO at Irnas.

The Generic Node's source-available implementation allows for a wide range of integrations and continuous system development. The functionality of Generic Node may be used as-is or customized to suit particular needs. The device's on-board components are the product of a series of design decisions that emphasize security, low power consumption, and long range.

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