Great minds think alike

TheThings Network

The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 14-09-2017

Co-authored by Pycom and The Things Network


…or almost. Here’s 5 people with the same vision of a connected future and two startups making access to fast, global Internet of Things applications a reality.

So, what are we talking about? Two companies with almost the same vision – they must be competing…? Not at all !

In fact, they’re partners. The Things Network, founded by Wienke Giezeman and Johan Stokking, is on a mission to roll out an open and decentralized IoT network using the LoRa technology. Fred de Haro, Daniel Campora and Bettina Rubek Slater founded Pycom, which sets out to enable access to many IoT networks with a suite of flexible, affordable and easy to program hardware modules. Both companies have much in common: inception in 2015 within a couple of months of each other, addiction to open source, love of serving customers all around the world and a shared belief that if you work hard, anything is possible.

LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) applications are now at the affordable fingertips of all developers regardless of whether they hack for fun or for a living. No more need for asking your spouse, partner or Finance Manager’s approval to start connecting your products to the Internet. The Things Network are building an abundance of LoRa networks that can be easily accessed via Pycom’s tiny development boards and modules.

Today, we celebrate one of these proof points. This is another great example of how a pioneering company can go from prototyping to mass volume production in just a few months using Pycom’s hardware and The Things Network’s LoRaWAN infrastructure.


Victron Energy, a leading manufacturer of Energy Monitoring and Management Solutions supported by their technology partner Trimm, joins 17k customers to use Pycom technology and 22k users of The Things Network to deliver their critical data back to base. Victron’s products are known worldwide and used in various markets, from the US Navy to DAF trucks. They have just launched their new VE.Direct LoRaWAN module, connected to the community managed network of The Things Network. This demonstrates how enterprises are now switching to low cost connectivity solutions to deliver high quality services. Come and see the solution today at Mobile World Conference Americas, San Francisco. North Hall, N324!


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