This device sent a standard LoRaWAN® message to a satellite

Wienke Giezeman

Initiator of The Things Network

Posted on 06-01-2020

The sensor on the left, casually lying around in the grass in Nice, is sending a standard (!!!) LoRaWAN message with a special antenna developed by fabien to a Lacuna Space satellite that routes it back to the global The Things Network network or a private The Things Industries LoRaWAN Network server and delivers the data securely at the IoT dashboard application.

Where there is so much hype in the satellite IoT space of companies playing the PR game in hope for investment, Lacuna is the silent performer letting the results do the talking.

They are on the path of making IoT satellite services available for everybody. Making it as easy as booting a server on AWS or setting up an account at any B2B SaaS provider.

Want to learn more about the antenna design, the satellite technology and get hands on with it?

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