Import projects from and other platforms to Labs

Fokke Zandbergen

The Things Network User

Posted on 16-11-2016

We'd like our Labs to be a place where people find inspiration and guidance to build and use The Things Network. We've already seen some very interesting use cases!

Hack to the Future

Labs of course is not the only place where you can find IoT projects. for example has many cool projects, as well as Instructables.

We're pleased to announce that as from now you can import/link existing projects on these or any other platform to our labs. Simply paste the URL when you Create a story and hit Import. We'll fetch the story's title and image and submit it for approval by our moderators.

Once it is approved, you'll see it listed just like any other story. It will list your name as well as the name of the platform it was originally posted at. Click on the story and we'll redirect the original URL.

So, have a project documented somewhere that uses The Things Network? Submit it in a few clicks!