Indicate office occupancy with kuando Busylight by Plenom

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The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 04-04-2023

The kuando Busylight IoT Omega from Plenom, an office intelligence solution provider, is an exciting LoRaWAN-enabled device with a light function and many capabilities. With a single function, it can be configured to support a variety of use cases. For example:

  • Occupancy of a room, desk or area
  • Signaling for task progress
  • Alerting for Air Quality, water levels or temperature

The Busylight is a Class C device, which means it can send downlinks at any time without waiting for an uplink. This feature allows users to control the device without any delay. The device is small, compact, and light, measuring about 4x4 centimeters. Several LoRaWAN solution providers have already integrated the kuando Busylight to be a visual indicator for different events taking place in their solutions and the device is increasingly getting more attention in the LoRaWAN community.

Adding the kuando Busylight to The Things Stack is easy thanks to it being a part of the Device Repository. Users can select the Busylight from the drop-down menu and get a payload promoter for free. The payload promoter provides useful metadata, such as data about the last light settings sent and the signal quality at the device.

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