10th LoRa Alliance AMM Vancouver

Wienke Giezeman

Initiator of The Things Network

Posted on 05-06-2018

Vancouver, 5 June, 2018: With over 500 members now part of the LoRa Alliance, we embrace the increasing pace in which the LoRaWAN standard is being adopted globally. This week, at the All Members Meeting we are paving the road for the new wave to come.

The 10th LoRa Alliance meeting is taking place in Vancouver. Since the last LoRa Alliance meeting, less than 8 months ago, over 100 companies and organizations have joined the LoRa Alliance, including Google Cloud, Phillips Lighting, NTT and WISeKey Semiconductors. The increased interest in the technology can be clearly seen through the growing number of developers committed to using the LoRaWAN standard through The Things Network. Currently, over 40000 developers from 97 countries around the world are using the network and our servers route about 5 million packets on a daily basis.

Our vision on the future of the technology is strongly aligned with the LoRa Alliance. Together with all the members and the global ecosystem of The Things Network, we are adopting the open standard around the world and providing developers with the tools and resources to build secure, scalable and reliable LoRaWAN applications. We aim at making the technology easy to access for everyone. This has been exhibited through our role in creating the LoRaWAN Academy, development on FUOTA (Firmware Updates Over The Air) and our 5-minute network setup with The Things Gateway.

Are you in Vancouver this week? Please drop by our keynote or workshop and don’t hesitate to reach out directly to wienke@thethingsnetwork.org

June 7 | 11:15 - FUOTA presentation by Johan Stokking

June 7 | 10:30 - 12:00 - LoRaWAN Hands-on Workshop: Quickly commercialize LoRaWAN Solutions by myDevices, Microchip and The Things Network

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