Get Smart With Your Cold Chain Monitoring

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Posted on 15-08-2019


Get Smart With Your Cold Chain Monitoring

How Wireless Monitoring Ensures Food Safety

In the food industry, cold chain monitoring is a critical aspect to guarantee food safety. Any break in the chain can lead to food waste, disease risks and non-compliance with standard regulations. Yet, 91% of full-service restaurants have no Food Safety Management System (FDA’s Food Code).

LoRaWAN makes it possible to track and monitor food storage temperatures at every stage of the cold chain.

Read our guide to achieve the most effective cold chain monitoring solution using LoRaWAN. Written by experts from Laird Connectivity and The Things Industries.

You will find the key points of a successful cold chain management strategy, including:

  • Analysis of the different monitoring methods with their uses, challenges and limitations
  • Implementations of LoRaWAN solutions for a wireless cold chain monitoring
  • Recommendations for choosing the right sensors and gateways

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