Monitor your energy consumption with highly accurate Enginko EGK-LW22PLG LoRaWAN® Smart Plug

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The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 28-11-2022

Enginko, an IoT device maker, introduces a LoRaWAN® energy meter plug with Input/Output, a straight-forward device that can be used for personal and commercial purposes. The device, named EGK-LW22PLG, is a compact C-class LoRaWAN meter that can monitor energy consumption and report on power quality, alert for blackouts and help with machinery maintenance.

The device is highly customizable and can be programmed to meet your use case needs. For example, power thresholds can be programmed to alert when too much power is consumed. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery for mains outage detection, with configurable default power-on status.

Check out the EGK-LW22PLG LoRaWAN® Smart Plug review by The Things Industries’ Ben Olayinka:

Enginko EGK-LW22PLG is part of the Device Repository for LoRaWAN. Check it out

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