Preserving artistic and cultural collections with LoRaWAN®


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Posted on 12-06-2020

Over the past few years, there has been immense growth and innovation in the IoT space, and LoRaWAN® has emerged as a game-changing technology for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) requiring long-range, reliable, accurate and scalable connectivity. As the technology has progressed, and the number of LoRaWAN deployments worldwide has increased, many hardware vendors, network providers and application developers have entered the market with their unique product offerings designed to help their customers drive revenues and reduce expenses through the implementation of IoT networks. The fast-growing ecosystem of IoT solutions providers includes hardware vendors, network service providers, application developers, system integrators and more.

Conserv deploys LoRaWAN solutions for monitoring the indoor environment of buildings that require specific conditions (museums, galleries or archives). Indeed, LoRaWAN is fully suitable for these demanding environments with valuable and sensitive assets. This company provides real-time monitoring and alerting when temperature, humidity, light or vibration changes. To do so, Conserv works in collaboration with TEKTELIC and The Things Industries.

Art conservation with LoRaWAN

TEKTELIC provides a part of the hardware infrastructure required for LoRaWAN network connectivity and asset monitoring. In particular, the TEKTELIC KONA Micro Gateway and Smart Room Sensors are used for this application. The TEKTELIC KONA Micro Gateway and intelligent room sensors were chosen by Conserv in part due to their "Always On" connectivity, long battery life and excellent indoor RF performance. TEKTELIC also offers a robust, reliable and scalable plug-and-play gateway for indoor IoT deployments knows as the KONA Micro Lite gateway. The KONA Micro Lite is designed for plug-and-play operation as it connects directly into an existing broadband service, self-configures, and extends LoRaWAN indoor coverage.

The sensors and gateways are connected to The Things Stack from The Things Industries, an end-to-end enterprise LoRaWAN network server providing an integrated chain of services for businesses to build private IoT data networks.
The Things Stack enables to connect sensors, gateways and end-user applications with reliable and secure data routing.

"The Things Industries was a crucial part of Conserv’s decision to adopt LoRaWAN and was instrumental in our early successes with the technology. With The Things Industries services, we were able to build out our PoC in a matter of weeks, and the open-source community around the TTN stack helped us up the LoRaWAN learning curve quickly. Access to a public network gave us the confidence to build, test, and refine our product, and the private hosted option provided us with the SLAs and reliability that our customers demand. With The Things Industries, we had proof of scalability built-in, as the stack is deployed around the world and supports thousands of gateways connecting hundreds of thousands of devices."
- Nathan McMinn, CTO of Conserv

Art and cultural collections can now benefit from high-quality, wireless, preservation-oriented environmental monitoring.

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Want your own LoRaWAN business solution? Jack Stuart and Akash Panchal from TEKTELIC explained how to connect the KONA Micro Lite gateway to The Things Network during The Things Virtual Conference.

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