5 takeaways from The Things Conference 2020

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The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 05-03-2020

The 3rd edition of the world’s largest LoRaWAN event of the year took place in Amsterdam, on January 30 - 31 2020. With 1500 attendees from 61 countries, The Things Conference has once again gathered together the ecosystem to boost their IoT skillset, learn the latest around LoRaWAN and meet the frontrunners in the industry.

Here are the 5 main announcements from these two days:

The Things Industries launched The Things Enterprise Stack LoRaWAN Network Server

The Things Industries launched its next-generation LoRaWAN Server - The Things Enterprise Stack, offering solutions to build and operate private LoRaWAN IoT networks with full control over security, life cycle management and total cost of ownership.

The Things Enterprise Stack is now available on AWS Marketplace, deploy a sensor network with a single click of a button.

The Things Industries released a global LoRaWAN network peering

The Things Industries released Packet Broker, a global peering of LoRaWAN private and public networks to a simple internet exchange for IoT, including an optional data marketplace for high-value networks realizing the next potential of LoRaWAN.

Murata introduced a new smaller and cheaper LoRaWAN module in collaboration with Trusted Object packaged as System on Chip

Murata introduced a newer smaller and cheaper LoRa module which includes TO-Protect-LoRaWAN - a secure software library specifically intended for industrial IoT devices with the smallest form factor.

The Things Industries to provide LoRaWAN Satellite connectivity for evaluation in 2020

The Things Industries, in partnership with Lacuna Space, will be the first global LoRaWAN operator to be routing LoRaWAN message received by their space gateways for end users. Learn more.

The Things Industries launched Global Join Server with a series of device makers to simplify LoRaWAN device provisioning

The Things Industries launched the Global Join Server, offering an operator agnostic, secure device pre-provisioning platform with zero vendor lock-in. Among the device makers, find Talkpool, Laird Connectivity and Bosch.

Senet and The Things Industries also announced the interconnection of their LoRaWAN networks to the Join Server to offer IoT solution providers the flexibility to subscribe to multiple Networks.

Find all the announcements, workshops and innovative LoRaWAN solutions presented at the event on our YouTube channel.