The Things Network is moving to The Things Stack

Johan Stokking

Tech Lead

Posted on 31-05-2021

With excitement I announce that The Things Network is upgrading to the latest and greatest LoRaWAN® network server: The Things Stack (also known as V3). The Things Stack is not just an upgrade, but a whole new software stack built from the ground up, offering new features, integrations, scaling tools, and an improved user experience.

Read along to find the resources needed for migrating to The Things Stack.


The development of The Things Stack started over 3 years ago. It was announced in 2018, open sourced during The Things Conference 2019 and the public community network was available since our conference last January.

I'm extremely proud of the result and highly value the contributions from the global community. Whether it was related to writing documentation, supporting other developers on our Forum or submitting bugs or feature requests in our open source repository.

I would like to invite all of you to start using The Things Stack. We have a free-to-use community edition running which you can access by signing-in with your existing The Things Network account. Or you can use one of The Things Industries' enterprise services.

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Important note
The Things Network V2 clusters will be sunset on December 31, 2021. Make sure you migrate your devices and gateways to The Things Stack shortly.

Get started with The Things Stack


We heavily invested in improving the user experience of our Network Server, making it easy for people who are starting with LoRaWAN as well as for teams who are managing thousands of devices. Below a list of relevant resources to start using The Things Stack.

What's next?

  • July 1 - The Things Network V2 becomes read-only
  • December 31 - End of Life The Things Network V2

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Thank you for being part of this exciting LoRaWAN journey.
Let’s build this thing together!

Johan Stokking
Tech Lead & Co-founder of The Things Network