The Things Network partners with element14 - Farnell

Wienke Giezeman

Initiator of The Things Network

Posted on 07-11-2016

Today we can announce that element14 / Farnell, the company behind the success of Raspberry Pi, is our partner in producing your products. We are happy to finally break the news.

This is awesome because:

  • The products are made by one of the top electronics companies in the world.
  • They have a proven track record in supporting community driven ecosystems like Raspberry Pi.
  • We now have access to global distribution of the products, supporting our mission to create a global Internet of Things data network.

We are very happy welcome element14 / Premier Farnell to our community.

The reason why we have partners like element14, and Microchip earlier, is because they can bring the global scale we require to fulfil our mission.

You as a community member sparked this, by pledging to our campaign and will be the first to receive the products soon.

Thanks again for being part of The Things Network!

More news about this can be found here.