The Things Network releases the seamless integration with AllThingsTalk

TheThings Network

The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 17-11-2017

17 November 2017, Gent - Amsterdam - AllThingsTalk and The Things Network offer a seamless integration between the AllThingsTalk Maker application with The Things Network LoraWAN™ based network, as of today. AllThingsTalk and The Things Network believe this will greatly benefit the community of developers of both companies’ technologies.

AllThingsTalk is creating an IoT Product Platform-as-a-Service to enable innovators and developers in building groundbreaking Internet of Things products. The Things Network is a global leading LoraWAN™ network provider which offers an open, crowd-sourced Internet of Things data network.

AllThingsTalk LoraWAN™ Rapid Development Kits and other LoRa© enabled devices connected to the The Things Network, can now easily be setup in AllThingsTalk Maker to manage and organise access to the data. The Things Network’s unique offering enables business developers to connect the devices to this open, crowd-sourced LoraWAN™ network, wherever located across the world.

Tom Casaer, CEO of AllThingsTalk, commented: “At AllThingsTalk we’re making Internet of Things ideas happen which will positively impact society and business. We are strongly committed to continuously develop and improve our technology in partnership with other key players in the emerging industry of Internet of Things. Our joint development effort with The Things Network is aimed to offer a better experience to integrate IoT devices, The Things Network LoRaWAN™ network and data. I am happy to see we have succeeded and I am convinced it will benefit the tens-of-thousands members of the community of users of both our companies.”

“The integration with AllThingsTalk brings us closer to our mission of allowing any developer to easily build end-to-end solutions”, commented Johan Stokking, tech lead of The Things Network. “In order to integrate today’s novel technologies into society, independent organizations, platforms and communication techniques need to be seamlessly integrated. The aesthetic UI and intuitive UX of AllThingsTalk will support many LoRaWAN developers in realizing their IoT use case.”

About AllThingsTalk
AllThingsTalk is a global leader in IoT technology based in Belgium with a branch office in Serbia. AllThingsTalk markets a scalable IoT Product Platform-as-a-Service which can be used as an agile, rapid prototyping environment, as well as for full service roll-out of connected products. AllThingsTalk Maker lets you connect your devices over a variety of networks and smoothly manages devices and users, organising access and usage of the collected data.

About The Things Network
The Things Network is building a global, open, crowd-sourced Internet of Things data network - owned and operated by its users. The network is based on LoRaWAN™ which is perfect for devices that require low energy, long range and low bandwidth. The network comprises of 1500 gateways, 500 communities and 25,000 IoT developers around the globe. The Things Network is also hosting the largest LoRaWAN developer forum.