The Things Network Releases a Point & Click Integration with Ubidots

TheThings Network

The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 26-09-2018

September 26, 2018Today, The Things Network and Ubidots proudly announce an industry partnership including an effortless integration that simplifies Data Collection, Enablement and Delivery for developers deploying IoT applications. Mixing the effortless hardware and LoRaWAN connectivity network of The Things Network with Ubidots’ IoT Application Development and Deployment software, businesses and professional makers have all the tools needed to solve problems using the Internet of Things.

Ubidots is an IoT Application Development and Deployment Platform that automates the process of IoT application creation for enterprises and individuals to deploy any IoT solution to scale, and do so quickly.

Ubidots platform is a user-focused point-and-click IoT App builder with data analytics and cloud function tools, dashboard visualizations, device management tools, BI events & alarm engine and end-user authentication to give end-users and operators access to the data they need and nothing more. With the Ubidots platform, developers collect, enhance and deliver sensor, actuator, and beacon data that matters for businesses and app users to make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency and effectiveness of a system.


With dozens of successful deployments already, Ubidots and The Things Network look to continue reinforcing the ease-of-use model and mentality to continue eliminating the barriers impeding successful IoT Applications from going to market. One such example of this commitment to ease-of-use is a testbed of plug-n-play Smart Vineyard Applications providing insights to the Glunz Family Winery in Paso Robles, California.

The applications deployed atGlunz Winery and Cellars monitor the soil and the weather conditions, as well as monitoring the wine cellar storage temperature and humidity. The data allows for better control over the changing environments throughout the day, as large temperature changes are destructive to precious aging wines. With this TTN enabled and Ubidots powered solution, the Glunz Family Winery is able to adjust the ventilation of the cellars to ensure a stable and controlled environment at all times, ultimately resulting in a more refined and untampered wine - the perfect wine.

Agustin Pelaez, Ubidots CEO commented on the new partnership saying: “When I first learned about The Things Network on Kickstarter, I was captivated by their vision of making IoT accessible for all; a vision we also share at Ubidots. It's been exciting to see TTN successfully realize their vision of a global IoT network, and learn about common customers deploying TTN+Ubidots solutions across the globe. We look forward to continuing to enable IoT solutions and efficiency, together.”

Johan Stokking, The Things Network’s Tech Lead and co-founder says: “Creating end-to-end Internet of Things solutions it hard, projects are risky and LoRaWAN development is challenging. To make IoT accessible, we need to provide developer friendly tools. The partnership with Ubidots sets a great example of removing the complexity in the development process, allowing developers to focus on things that matter.”

More about the partners:
Ubidots is an Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development and Deployment Platform that empowers businesses and innovators to build IoT solutions that turn data from sensors into actionable insights. Hiring an engineering team to develop an IoT application that both functions and looks great is costly in both time and money, so Ubidots did it for you. Ubidots exists as a rapid and affordable means to integrate the power of the IoT into your business or research. Founded in 2013, Ubidots is an investor-backed IoT Application Enablement Platform powering IoT solutions for businesses across the globe.

The Things Network runs a global, open Internet of Things network, owned and operated by its users. The network is based on the LoRaWAN technology, which is perfect for devices that require low energy, low bandwidth and long-range connectivity. The Things Network is a proud contributing member of the LoRa Alliance.

More about the partnership:
The Things Network and Ubidots have all the ingredients needed to effortlessly and securely Collect, Enable and Deliver IoT Applications and Solutions that solve problems and increased efficiency Test the simplicity of The Things Network and Ubidots using the on-platform integration directly from TTN to Ubidots and begin developing your IoT solution today!