World record Weissenstein Gateway is back!

Peter Affolter

The Things Network User

Posted on 14-04-2017

After 4 weeks of silence, we proudly present our brand new IP67 protected and ruggedized Multitech gateway, which has taken on its service on Thursday, the 13.04.2017. The gateway identification is eui-00800000a000006c and remarked as BFH_Weissenstein.

Unfortunately the former one crashed after 4 month time and we had to replace it, even we could bring it back to life by flashing the firmware again. We decided us to replace the old gateway, because this extraordinary place is hardly accessible (you need mountaineering gear to climb up the 20m high antenna tower) and we want to provide to the community, at such an important place, the most reliable service.

So, Switzerland!, Welcome back - Have fun with BFH_Weissenstein!