21 March 2016 - Internet of Things Workshop at the Digital Catapult Centre

Clive Rixson

The Things Network User

Posted on 11-04-2016

Went to a superb workshop at the Digital Catapult Centre, near St Pancras Station in London. The organisers were OpenTRV, represented by Mark Hill and Damon Hart-Davis, and Digital Catapult, represented by Peter Karney. Damon Hart-Davis showed my group how to configure a mote, containing temperature and light sensors, to connect to TTN, using the Arduino IDE. We also configured the Mosquitto client to listen for events. I had interesting discussions with Laura Trevail of Iotic Labs about their projects. I also met Mike Beardmore of TTN Reading and TTN Wokingham, who gave me useful information on gateways and antennae. Andrew Lindsay of TTN Thatcham and Thing Innovations was also there, leading a workshop. He showed me the flood sensor that he has designed for the Flood Network.