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Al Bennett

Director of Sensational Systems and shopkeeper at

Posted on 23-04-2018

I'm Al, part of the Edinburgh community for the last year or so. I run the Summerhall and Fountainbridge gateways in town, and I'm hoping to add some more this year. I'm half of Hot Glue Tech, a small electronics/IT consultancy. We're designing and building LoRaWAN devices and networks.

The biggest problem I've found over the last year in rolling out gateways is getting hold of LoRa kit in the UK, which is why we've started, an online store specialising in LoRaWAN gateways, antennae and accessories. The store now stocks LORIX One and Laird RG186 gateways and Sirio antennae. The Laird gateways are really easy to use and reliable, and one of the Edinburgh community members, Stephen, has installed more than five around Edinburgh! I've used Sirio GP 868 C antennae for both my gateways, and Tim has used one at Portobello. You can see how well they work on TTN Mapper!

As a launch offer, we'd like to give 10% off to the first 10 people who use the discount code TTNTEN at

Thanks for reading!