Initial TheThingsNetwork Lausanne Apero

Holger Meiners

The Things Network User

Posted on 09-04-2017

Finally this Friday we met for the first TheThingsNetwork Lausanne apero @Étoile Blanche and we hope that we'll meet soon again. Unfortunately Jean-Philippe could not make this time but we are counting on him for the next time.

Highlight of the meeting was the WiFX LORA One gateway Yannick brought to the meeting. The gateway look definitly even better in real than on the photos of the WiFX shop ;)
Everybody was impressed by the technical excellence of this solution. Hopefully we will see more of them up and running in the area.

Sam carried some initial PCBs for the Octanis owl box project with him and eventually there will be some running HW soon.

Micha showed his initial BeMap environmental mapping device that is planned to be connected using LoraWan in the future.