The Things Network User

Posted on 04-05-2018


glad to see this community existed few years ago. hope here are still ppl interested in lora and lpwan and such. I have been really digging into a project called FOAM and think this could bring some new life into this community. it is a very ambitious thing - decentralized cartography/maps , token curated points of interest (proof of stake mechanism - really cool), smart contract-native crypto spatial coordinates for apps and hardware that will need location proof (current gps system as we know isn't scalable)-> hopefully we will then see dapps (decentralized apps) that are autonomous and empowers different stakeholders in much better way than what is currently (uber, airbnb, taxify, facebook, google, nike, monsanto, even national governments, etc). infrastructural platforms for these kinds of apps to emerge are already developing- aragon, district0x, ethereum, plasma, omisego, 0x, gnosis, augur, chainlink, agrello, consensus ai and many more. FOAM is one of these and obviously very neccessary component as communication and actions between objects is spatial.
overall, super excited and love the new paths it opens for imagination
on the community side - very practical and obvious things-> start setting up lora (or probably whatelse lpwan) gateways, put stake in play (protocol tokens, available to buy form sale), run the protocol, test how they work and start earning those tx fees and buidling the map POIs. at first there probably won't be many (if any) tx-s but there is incentive mechanism to cover more area with network.
heards rumors of estonia being crypto friendly sandbox for this tech - let's see!!
link to website
blog - among else stuff , tight and insightful very interesting context of history of time and space

tnx and hope it resonates