Next Meetup 17/5 2018

Lasse Vestergaard

The Things Network User

Posted on 20-04-2018

Start spreading the news!

We are happy to announce that the second meetup of The Things Network Aarhus will be held on the 17th of May 2018.


As last time, we'll hear a couple of interesting presentations from the team behind the Internet of Things (hopefully also from the community!), talk about The Things Network in Aarhus and do some crafting together - we will bring some cool hardware and create our own LoRa transmitters.

The location will be Erhversakademi Aarhus, which is located at Sønderhøj 30, 8260 Viby. A more specific description of the exact building and room will follow! READ MORE HERE

As last time, food and drinks will be provided for free. Just make sure to download your free ticket in advance, in order for us to estimate how much to order.

Please spread the word to the people in your network, who also would enjoy an evening with brief talks, crafting and loads of pizza!

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