My Hive Sensor

Mark Huelskoetter

The Things Network User

Posted on 15-10-2019

For the last couple of weeks I have been preparing my bees for winter. I wanted a way to know for sure that they were still alive when the REAL cold weather comes around. The last thing I want to do is open it up and check, exposing them to the cold when I don't have to.

So, I purchased a few items including a temperature / humidity sensor (DHT-22) and an Adafruit Feather 32u4 Radio (RFM69HCW). Put them in a box and placed the sensor in my hive. I was extremely pleased to see the gateways in the Anchorage area picking up my packets! Thank you to those who host the gateways!

I added in integration so I could easily acces my data from the internet which you can look at here:

Thanks again.