Gateway high above the former Ajax stadium centre spot (Middenstip)

Paul Bruikman

The Things Network User

Posted on 15-06-2017

With the kind help of Laurens Slats from The Thingsnetwork HQ we installed a temporary gateway in an interesting location.

It is on the top floor of one of those high buildings of Park De Meer. Let me tell you the two reasons why this is awesome:
1. It is in a part of the city without reliable coverage from a good nearby gateway.
2. Ajax. It is about 20 meters above the exact location of the former soccer field of the legendary Ajax stadium "De Meer" right above the middenstip (center spot) that is there in the pavement now.

Here you can see Johan Cruijff pointing at the antenna on the other building:

Even though this gateway is temporary we hope it will stay long enough to be a reliable asset to the community. The initial range measurements look promising and we invite everybody to come and map it with their mapper node.
See also or join us at the #ttn-mapper and #Amsterdam channels on Slack.