Talks, drinks & localization workshop (using GPS/WiFi/Geoloc) - April 10

This time, we are diving into the extremely interesting topic of LoRa + Localization.

After this Meetup, you will not only know what localization technology to use when, but also how to use the different technologies in real life as we go hands-on. So, bring your laptop.

Learn how to locate your device using:
- WiFi
- RSSI (Signal strength)
- TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival)

In order to get most out of this Meetup, you get some homework 📚
- Apply for the COLLOS membership
- Get a development device (preferably Arduino compatible) with LoRaWAN connectivity, such as The Things Uno. If you want to experiment with GPS: make sure you have a GPS module, like this one. Want to experiment with WiFi: simply get a ESP8266 module.
- Check out the keynote of Richard Lansdowne about Geolocation
- Check out the talk of Maarten Weyn about localization techniques

Optional (but highly recommended!)
- Check out the presentation of Tim van Dam about wildlife tracking, a real-world application that uses geolocation:

Don't hesitate to RSVP, limited spots available

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