The Things Network at ThingsCon: Design the future with Internet of Things

ThingsCon 2016 – Designing relevant Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is here to stay; no one is questioning that. But we still see that the creation of relevant connected products is not the default. The talk on IoT is often on the data systems and infrastructure, on the new business models. But how do you design smart products that add real value to the user? How do you as a designer or developer use data in a responsible way? Visit ThingsCon on 1 and 2 December and participate! Be inspired by the best creators of the new connected world and share your ideas during our workshop about The Things Network: Building a global, open and decentralized IoT network.

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At ThingsCon, The Things Network is hosting a workshop on the subject: Building a global, open and decentralized IoT network . If you are interested to visit ThingsCon, please drop me a line ( I can offer you a nice discount.