INCAA Computers sponsored LoRaWAN gateway

Remko Welling

The Things Network User

Posted on 13-04-2017

Apeldoorn is an innovating city in IOT. A place where business and the TTN community of Apeldoorn go hand in hand.

The objective of the TTN Apeldoorn community is to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the area of IOT and LoRaWAN by contributing to The Things Network. Beside regular meetups meetups where community members meet, the TTN Apeldoorn community deploys gateways to provide network access to the TTN network. For the successfull and rapid rollout a close coorporation is maintained wit both community members and the business in Apeldoon. As a result of this coorporation INCAA Apeldoorn has sponsored a LoRaWAN gateway to the TTN Community.

Wednesday April 12, TTN Apeldoorn received our sponsored ILOC to be installed at our gateway location de Mheen in Apeldoorn.

INCAA Computers developed a LoRaWAN compliant gateway they called ILOC ILOC can put all functionalities of the entire TTN network in a single unit sized smaller than a shoebox. All you need for a private LoRaWAN network. TTN Apeldoorn needs reliable gateways and that is what ILOC is capeable of. ILOC can be accessed, configured and maintenanced tough web access.

In the upcoming days TTN Apeldoorn team members will complete the installation of the gateway and make final testst to be ready for the installation window.

We thank INCAA Computers for their willingness to contribute for the successfull rollout of TTN in Apeldoorn.