LoRa IOT Apeldoorn Do-activity meeting : 17 enthusiastic makers

Rene van der Weerd

Makers Lab Hahaho.nl EmpowerNow

Posted on 16-09-2017

Last week we had a very nice do-activity: together with 16 other enthusiastic men & Women, we made divers LoRa Hardware: Complete measurestation for direct live temperature ansd hunidity values at www.meetjestad.net , some LoRa Single channel gateways and very professional measurements and tuning of divers LoRa Antenna's. After we had nice and simple dinner we started and in the end of the evening we went back with our working Hardware. A lot of knowledge is gathered in out group ! Our nect meeting is already next week on 27 september. with an interesting Lecture about technology of narrow Band https://www.meetup.com/preview/LoRa-Network-in-Apeldoorn-Growing-Meetup/events/242641386 .