Lorank8 gateway by GRIoT team

Vagelis Fragkos

The Things Network User

Posted on 22-05-2016


Hey, IoTers around the globe! 8 members (they call themselves GRIoT) from the TTN Athens community started their IOT journey..
Be the next…. We started the IoT trip, by purchasing the Lorank8 all-in-one gateway solution. It is based on a BeagleBone Green (with Grove connectors for adding sensors) by SeeedStudio and IMST iC880A Concentrator Board. The gateway comes pre-installed with the TTN software and its web page serves an image of the device and its device id.
After the initial commands for update & upgrade of the Debian based OS, we changed the default root password and then we changed the following file “local_conf.json” [lorank8v1 folder] by using Putty (ssh).
The changes were:
- gateway_ID
- ref_latitude
- ref_longitude

- re_altitude
- description
: Coordinates and latitude received from here.

For every change in this file we need to restart the background forwarder with :
>systemctl restart lorank.service

After that the rest is history: the gateway was seen online at the following sites:
- TTN-Athens
- TTN Status
- The Things Network Gateways Map

The current range of our gateway is approximately 7km. The antenna placement is the usual for omni-directional antennas. The area installed is almost open for about 1km away of the gateway and the bearing is south-east.

Future implementations: Arduino UNO|LinkitOne|Udoo quad with Lora Shields (RFM95W-868S2) {power measurements with zigbee power meter}
Apart from the above we will test Linkit Smart 7688 Duo as well as RedBear Duo as complimentary devices. (nodes or sensor hubs)
So stay tuned!
Vagelis for GRIoT