TTN Auckland Community - Launched


The Things Network User

Posted on 14-03-2019

TTN Auckland Community was officially launched March 13, 2019 at the Event Room of the Tech Cafe in GridAKL, Lysaght Bldg. 101 Pakenham Street West, Auckland CBD. The event turned out to be a pleasant exchange of knowledge and information between a culturally and technologically diverse set of people— among those in attendance were Electronic Engineers, Embedded Software Engineers, Software Developers, Test Automation Engineers, Cloud Developers and even Hobbyists, to mention a few.

Props to GridAKL for allowing us to use their venue for free, and all those in attendance who made time out of their busy schedules to come and support us for this event.

A lot of different things were discussed— mainly updates from the Things Network Conference 2019 in Amsterdam.

We briefly talked about:
- What LoRa is, what it isn't
- High Level view of TheThingsNetwork
- V3 Stack
- Community Goals

How TTN started in Amsterdam was also discussed, as well as how they were able to accomplish the task of putting 10 gateways in the span of 6 weeks, which allowed them to provide a template for other communities to follow. It proves to show that when a community works together, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

During the presentation, we discussed successful use cases implemented by other communities. We also learned that by thinking about the community, what it needs, and how LoRa can help solve that particular use case, we will be able to successfully do a PoC, utilizing TTN as a public network with the help of a handful of willing and able members.

The highlight of the presentation is the future of TTN - V3 Stack.

Some of cool stuffs to look forward to in V3 Stack are:
- Secure Element - A security module developed by Microchip, in collaboration with TTI that helps protect your IoT Network.
- Integration to PacketBroker - allows the exchange of any IoT data indepedent of RF technology.
- Satellite IoT - The Lacuna Network, enabling different sattelite operators to leverage each others' satellite infrastructure
- LoRa Relay - Enables DEVICE to DEVICE relay of LoRa packets.

The meeting was concluded with renewed zeal of providing FREE LoRaWAN access to Auckland Community, and with that, everyone is looking forward to the next meetup - 2nd week of April.