TTN Auckland - First Meetup


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Posted on 28-02-2019

Finally, after a year of slumber in the doldrums, we'll have our first meetup as a community. After a year of not so much activity, there are still some highlights.

  • Community now has 28 members
  • It has 5 active gateways (plus around another 5 popping in and out)
  • And a continuous stream of interests

It's about time to see each other in the flesh, the people behind this awesome work doing Internet of Things.

Since we share the same common interest, that is, to use a FREE LoRaWAN network and provide IoT Solution, let's make it an endeavour to light up the Auckland Community with LoRaWAN gateways that is publicly accessible.

Imagine the possibilities of shared network around the community:

For example, if you are a Business doing Asset Tracking then:

  • You don't have to pay for a monthly subscription fee for your SIM Card
  • And don't have to pay a data fee.

But of course, talk about SLA and uptime will always be there, but if we are able to mature like Zurich which has 124 Gateways, or even like Amsterdam that has 60 Gateways, then that concern can be mitigated. Besides, a company that wants to implement this solution will be better off investing gateways around the area of their operation, and adding value to the community at the same time.

If you are Developer trying to prototype or learn how to make IoT Solution then:

  • You will be able to meet early adapters of LoRaWAN in the community who have been there, done that
  • Speed up your learning curve by means of the talks, demos and presentation that will be organized by the group
  • Learn, Collaborate and Share

There is a lot to talk about LoRaWAN, ThingsNetwork, and IoT in general. Matter of fact, there are lots of announcements and interesting stuffs and features during TheThings Conference this year in Amsterdam, which I will also share in our first ever meetup. Please note the date and time in your calendar.

The ThingsNetwork Auckland Meetup
When: March 13, 2019 (Wed) 6:30 PM
Where: Tech Cafe - GridAKL (Lysaght Bldg) 101 Pakenham Street West, Auckland.
RSVP Confirm your attendance by getting a ticket to this link

So hope you are excited as I am, because this year might be the year we will Light Up Auckland!