Hello from the North Austin/Round Rock area.

David Fowler

The Things Network User

Posted on 25-11-2016

I'm just getting started with TTN. I have put up a base in Round Rock which is currently connected to the Senet network with a 35 foot antenna. Once I am up to speed with TTN, I hope to move it here.

I also want to put up a base in North Austin, my Condo.

I am playing with the following parts: Multi-Tech MDot, NAMote72, and the Conduit for my base. I also just received a Microchip dev board (pictured) with the RN2903 LoRa module. And, yes there is more. I have the LoRa hat for a Raspberry Pi.

I would like any advice on getting started with these parts on TTN. Specifically the steps I need to get connected. I don't see a base in my area so maybe I need to start with making a base using the Raspberry Pi and the LoRa hat I have. Any advice on that?