1st Coverage Test Results


The Things Network User

Posted on 05-03-2019

Great!, so the Aylesbury & Mid-Bucks Community is now live and it's time to post results from the1st pop-up/test gw's deployed just after the start of the year.

We were fortunate to get the chance to deploy 2 temporary GW's early/mid Jan - one close to Wendover Rail Station (indoor - office block by window looking north), the other close to the northern edge of the town (attic space of 2 story building - indoor arial). The latter remains in place as a semi-permanent deployment with expectations that antenna will move outdoors and 2-3m higher to improve coverage.
Whilst much of the area immediately around the sites is raised to the south - providing good scope for coverage on the rising slope but reducing range beyond 1-3km, to the north the land goes into a small dip reducing coverage beyond ~Stoke Mandeville, with much of Aylesbury town rising higher on a small hill and with higher ground east, west and north/north-east of the town. We were hopefull for coverage at these higher points and that is exactly what we saw :-)
As noted we saw several tracker 'pings out to 10-12km, with the tree diagramme/map below showing a greater range of some of the points where coverage was confirmed
Within Wendover town itself and along the surrounding major roards, closer in to the monitoring gateways, there were few locations where we could not get coverage, which bodes well for furture device & GW roll-out programmes.
Please keep vising the community page in the coming weeks & months as we look to test further and report the results....