Inaugural Event

Ketil Moland Olsen

Initiator for Bergen Community

Posted on 24-03-2019

Dear fellow Internet of Things enthusiasts!

We are proud to announce the Inaugural Event of The Things Network Community Bergen – kindly sponsored by Vimond Media Solutions. The liftoff date will be Tuesday 30 April 2019 from 18:00 to 21:00. Spots are free but limited, so we advise you to register as soon as possible. Do so here:

So what is The Things Network? It's a crowdsourced, open and long-range network for connecting low-powered devices to the internet. These devices talks to internet-connected gateways that are hosted by enthusiasts like you and me. Curious to learn more? Good, because that's what's this evening is going to be all about.


18:00–18:30: Meet, Greet and Eat. As a courtesy from our sponsor, there will free pizza and soft drinks – make sure to come hungry.

18:30–19:00: An Introduction to The Things Network and the Official Launch.

19:00-21:00: Gateway and Antenna Workshop:

Together, we discuss the different gateway options out there, and how you can build your own. We'll bring a Raspberry Pi-based RAK kit ( and show you the full process for setting it up and getting it online on The Things Network.

We'll conclude the event with a hands-on session: Building a simple gateway antenna from scratch. See the following link for details about what we will be building: We have ordered parts for 20 antennas – let us know in the RSVP if you want to reserve a kit. If you do, please bring 75,- NOK in cash/Vipps to the event for covering the material costs.

That's it! Looking forward to 30 April, and hope that you will make it!

Kind regards,
Ketil Moland Olsen,
Bergen Community Initiator

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