We have launched!

Ketil Moland Olsen

Initiator for Bergen Community

Posted on 01-05-2019

What a blast! We are now officially launched as a community and a recognized division in The Things Network globally. (Tip: Have a look at our official home page sometime today: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/bergen/ – it has changed overnight! 👏🏻)

Thanks to everybody for making yesterday such a successful first event! But this is only the beginning. I would encourage all of you to continue the discussion in our very own Slack channel. This is how to join in:

1. Register here: https://account.thethingsnetwork.org/register (If you don't have a personal home page, enter https://thethingsnetwork.org.)

2. Join the Bergen-community section here: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/bergen/. You'll find a "Join This Community"-button. Click it. (This is important for statistical purposes, among other things.)

3. Click "Request Slack invite" on this page: https://account.thethingsnetwork.org/.

4. Check your e-mail and fill out the registration form.

5. Join the #bergen channel here: https://thethingsnetwork.slack.com/messages/bergen/

A bit cumbersome, I know, but so worth it! :)

If you enjoyed the gateway presentation yesterday (I believe you did) and can't wait to get up and running, here are some links to help you recap the key takeaways. Not as good as the live version obviously, but they should help you jog your memory:



Once again, I want to extend a special thanks for the people who worked hard to make yesterday evening a blast.

  • To Helge, for hosting us and making us feel welcome.
  • To Rishabh, for taking us on the TTN guided tour.
  • To Kjartan, for filling in for me on short notice.
  • To Ricco and Vegard, for doing an impressive and world-class gateway performance with less than 24 hours of preparation time.
  • To Erling, for hosting the antenna building workshop and acquiring all the necessary parts in advance.
  • To Kjetil, for bringing his expensive Vector Network Analyzer and tuning the antennas to perfection.
  • To everybody, whom I might have forgotten.
  • To YOU, for being such a great community. Together, we will make a dent in Bergen.

Finally, a sincere thanks to our inaugural gold sponsor Vimond Media Solutions for housing us, feeding us and keeping our thirst levels low. And thanks again to our friends at RAK Wireless and Pi Supply for sending their best wishes. If you have not done so already, claim your discount over at https://uk.pi-supply.com using the voucher code TTNBERGEN.

Until next time, stay safe! And remember: You are the network!

Wireless regards,
Ketil Moland Olsen,
Community Initiator for Bergen