1000nodes.project could transform Berlin into a real "smart city"

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 02-03-2018

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We are thinking about some sort of 1000nodes.project here in Berlin, starting to transform Berlin into a real "smart city", done by people like 'you and me'. There are about 4 models discussing about.
We are planning to to a workshop in the near future. The result could be a mixed combination of 4 possible scenarios. Maybe there will be some sponsorship too....

  • Version A: about 10 €, using an 'Arduino". 100nodes.project A
  • Version B: about 25 €, using ESP32 cutting edge techology TTGO v2.0 / Heltec v3.0 ). 1000nodes.project B - some quality discussions going around.
  • Version C: using ATTiny8x / RFM95W. 1000nodes.project C
  • Version D: using LoPy (not the cheapest solution, but highest quality). 1000nodes.project D

What version would be YOUR prefered option?
Pls, give us YOUR vote in the following poll: https://doodle.com/poll/9avu2wi4e5bzmdkx