#196 RAK831 LoRaWAN Gateway with a Raspberry Pi Zero (project)

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 21-04-2018

According to the author, the price of this new RAK831 LoRaWAN gateway is about 150 USD (~122 €).

This will open new windows, with respect to global growth of TTN. Performance is similar to IMST 880A based one. But: Raspberry is not an "industrial grade tool".

Multi-Channel Lora Gateways are quite expensive, and competition amongst the suppliers was not significant. This is why I was happy when RAK Wireless announced its RAK831 concentrator board. And also my viewers. They voted for this video. Today we will build a LoRaWAN gateway which costs less than half of the first one I made one and a half years ago. With today's project, we will build a gateway using this concentrator and a Raspberry Pi zero.

Charles' Github: https://github.com/hallard/RAK831-Zero
Installation guide: https://github.com/ch2i/LoraGW-Setup
Boards: https://pcbs.io/share/4qKoO
The Things Network console: https://console.thethingsnetwork.org/

Supporting Material and Blog Page: http://www.sensorsiot.org
Github: https://www.github.com/sensorsiot

RAK 831 (Aliexpress) 117,70 € zzgl. Zoll+Gebühren (868 wieder verfügbar)

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