1st LoRaWAN meetup in Berlin was a huge success - really!

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 06-05-2017

Dear TTN - LoRaWAN enthusiasts,

our 1st TTN / LoRaWAN meetup in Berlin, yesterday, turned into a real huge success.

About 30 people gathered, in reply to the invitation of Technologie-Stiftung Berlin, in Berlin City West and discussed the status of LoRaWAN in Berlin.

You could recognize a coloured mix of people, from public services, from beehive, from "Freifunk Berlin", from some start-ups, from DEUTSCHEBAHN to big players and a lot of other companies.

We learned about the vivid scene of LoRaWAN companies today, their growing, merging, dividing, divorcing....

We told the audience about TTN - Initiative (some really didn't know much about, yet) with this prez https://goo.gl/EDyj3L .

And the main sponsor of TTN Berlin, DEUTSCHEBAHN, offered a deep insight what could happen, when "LoRaWAN meets the clock", you remember: those big ones, you will find in each railway station in germany!

We agreed, preparing a second meeting in a few month; more 2bd.

update: report from TSB about the meetup (in german language)

Thanks to all of You.
It was a pleasure to meet You all.

Special thanks to our Organizer, Mr Dr. Ch. Hammel, who provided the facility and drinks (even beer, not visible here - of course :) ),
thanks also to Mr Dr. G. V. Troppenz from Zenner,
and Mrs Dr. O. Willner from DEUTSCHEBAHN, who gave us detailed and fascinating informations about the "marriage" of LoRaWAN & railway clocks.