53|45|8 - a new TSB gateway in Berlin-Schönow

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 01-03-2018

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TTN coverage is still growing in and especially around the Center of Berlin. This makes us very happy. There are very big gateways, like those from KERLINK. The kings class gateways, as we call them. But also a bunch of smaller gateways are around and those are also appreciated and welcome too!

Let's have a look @ the current status of Berlin as of today: Today 53 registered TTN - IoT - Gateways in Berlin can be observed. 45 of them are on-line and 8 of them are in variant stati of sleeping mode.

Wow, and Zürich now has exeeded the 100-gateway-limit. This is a big success. We will try to compete of course... until 12.2018 :) or so.

And, the promised SCHÖNOW - TSB - IoT - Gateway is also on-line now. You may have a look @ it's increasing traffic here.