800 new Gemtek TTN indoor 8 channel mini gateways awaiting worldwide deployment soon - price is only about 60 €

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 02-02-2019

This is really big news:

Each participant in TTN Conference 2019 in Amsterdam got a brand new mini indoor TTN IoT gateway, made by Gemtek for free as a giveaway (ok, they pay for it with their fees) but, nevertheless, this is a big surprise.

Soon more than 800 new gateways are on their way to online registration.

The following are the specs:

Supports TTN and SLA
Designed for indoor usage (prototyping)
Features a setup and reset button
USB-C port (for power only)
Supports 868 or 915 frequency bands
8 channel, design v1.5 (with LBT)
Integrated antenna
ESP8266 SoC, allowing WiFi connectivity
Able to be plugged directly into a wall outlet

Both the gateways are manufactured by Gemtek and stocked and distributed by RS Components. Starting in February 2019, versions for EU and US are made available while India, Japan, China and Australia will follow in the first half of 2019. There are 4 different versions available - EU868, US915, AS923 and CN470.

Plugin socket
green blinking
press configure > 10 sec
login at minihub ssid with password on gateway
remove current entry
Add new wifi
enter password for wifi
wait for gateway to start blinking red-green and than continous green

Read more about the new gateway here.

But even better. Next week you may buy them for only about 60 € by RS components. (No link still available....)