BCW19 - Today Bosch Connected World Hackathon 2019 will start - meet Laurens, Rish and Krish

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 13-05-2019

Today in the evening registration for BCW19 will start. Read more about BCW19 there: https://bosch-connected-world.com/hackathon/.

It will be a big, international event - announced there are more than 700 participants.

TTN Community Berlin will be present. Also Laurens, Krish and Rish - the trio from TTN Amsterdam - will be there too.

If you are not on stage, you can meet them Thursday at TTN Community Berlin meeting. Register via eventbrite, pls.

Pls, note. With respect to our visitors, the meeting language this day will be English!

Btw, JUMP = UBER is in town now.

So, what about secret bicycle GPS tracking, using TTN? Network fully functional in Berlin now: