(en) Third LoRaWAN meeting of the Berlin TTN - community [under the umbrella of Technologiestiftung Berlin]

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 18-09-2017

rough translation using google :)

Dear TTN-members from Berlin and elsewhere,

we had another good meeting, this time we gathered under the (new) roof of the "Technologiestiftung Berlin", at the" Bayerische Platz" -directly reachable with the subway U7 - and we would like to thank their staff for very good support and undisturbed procedures. After all, there is a large roof terrace, which, from the 5th floor, invites you to take a look over the rooftops of the city of Berlin, in order to be able to spot the roofs for future good LoRaWAN antenna locations.

As we have been told, a market participant is currently in the process of aggressively taking over "Berliner Premium antenna locations" with 10 annual rental contracts. A reliable sign, that even the largest telecommunication companies are beginning to discover the future of IoT. As usual, one naturally begins to "conquer" the capital of the respective country, and then "dig into the provinces". This is what the ancient Romans used to do also.....

Also interesting was the mixture of entrepreneurs beeing present: nerds / freaks / nonbusiness people , which has now taken place for the third time in a similar constellation. These were all together highly profield people in this evening.

The Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute, which gave us a brief presentation, as well as representatives of the BEUTH - University, was especially pleased to see the presence of the representatives. Thank you!

There were interesting, sometimes also controversial plenary discussions - but that must be so and that is also good!

A very concrete project for Berlin is now in the pipeline, which could be suitable for establishing a useful while complete TTN - network for the whole city. To this end, very targeted, practical measuring preparations are already under way to estimate the number of gateways needed, under the given urban conditions, which of course has immediate financial implications. In the near future, there will be an extraordinary event arranged by Jörg. You will be intvited just in time on this TTN blog. - Really, a great perspective! Thank you also for the continuous commitment in the background. There is something going to happen in the german start-up metropolis!!

In this context, we are of course pleased that the new TTN - gateway has taken its final certification in the Netherlands and will be ready for production shortly. We are very excited.

The "Technologiestiftung Berlin" will be able to provide the Berlin TTN-community with a handful of LoRaWAN gateways - as part of their tasks, according to the regulations as a "permanent loan". In this context, Christian H. is looking for suitable locations. Again, the higher, the better (the only valid ranking criterion!). The device is provided to you free of charge - we ask you to set up, connect the grid, location and power supply. Who of the LoRaWAN - avantgarde feels addressed? Just register at the TSB. Companies, private persons, legal persons - no matter. Thank you!

The talk about the project [ hackerfleet ] was very exciting. However, meshing technology is not provided by LoRaWAN as a conceptual approach, so the creative minds nevertheless can not stop this limit and extend LoRaWAN to the maritime area. After all, the new distance record on earth (the universe we leave here before times) is, measured and verified, 702 kilometers. Even if present representatives of the security sector vehemently protested (they have their rules in mind - understandable), LoRaWAN was "completely unsuitable" for safety-sensitive usecases, it was nevertheless a delightful thought this (actual or only supposed?). To be equipped with inexpensive, non-statutory, seawater-emergency-resettable mechanisms to provide the GPS signal in the case of distress as well conical into the air?
As I said, 702 km is the current range record and SAR helicopters and Army Search and Rescue planes fly normally, because of construction, far deeper .... :).
An hour in the cold waters of the North Sea in November ... --- ...- - ... --- ... --- ...--- .
It was just, in this setting, allowed, these thought games.

In networking, the meeting took place then its evening end - until the light had to be extinguished.

Congratulations, who has stayed up to this point .... the average reader digested only small snacks. This article has exactly 698 words .....