EPISHINE: A new star in 'OPV - solar energy harvesting' from Sweden

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 22-06-2019

I think they are really on the right trip.
Interesting and probably the future for energy input in LoRaDevices will be organic photovoltaic. Nobody wants to change million of batteries each year in LoRaWAN sensor devices.

EPISHINE is not the only one in market of course. There are many other competitors too.

But, what most important seems to be here is:
All is made of organic, non-toxic materials. No metals, no silver, no rare components (China/US trading war...).
That obviously makes the difference.
That's the cutting edge of technology:

But, nevertheless, this is a nice pitch:

Efficiency today is only about 6-8 % in mass production. In lab conditions about 17 %.
But: if you have plenty of room....