[failed] Fennec: a very low power LoRa Node, designed in the NL, was in kickstarter, but campaign failed

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 14-10-2017

update: this campaign failed


Early birds campaign... Only a few days remaining.

Check :

Technical specifications:
LoRa v1.0.2B
certified Lora-stack
LoRa Class A & C (class B pending)
Atmel SAM L ultra low power microcontroller 
LoRa communication with the Semtech SX1272
 LIS2DH high performance three-axis linear accelerometer Grove Connector with I2C interface
 Thermistor input
  2 Digital inputs/outputs 
  2 Analog inputs 
  Powered by a CR2032 battery or external battery supply [btw.: it was told, that a CR2032 cannot deliver 120 mA needed for LoRa Tx]
*   860, 868 or 915 MHz PCB antenna