Groundbreaking: 1st real tracking throughout whole City Area of Berlin

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 03-11-2017

This is groundbreaking news:

Only 1 1/2 yrs later, after 1st experimental taxi demonstration in Nuremberg on 'embedded world', real time operation with GPS logging in Berlin could be proved to be successfull today, for the total Berlin City Area, even outside, up to a distance of more than 9 km. A taxi has been stuffed with a GPS TTN tracker by DB. That's awesome.

This is really a historical moment 4 free TTN network and also a reliable proof of concept.

Therefore you should join TTN also!
The more gateways we have, the better 'quality of service (QoS)' will be.

We really send a big big thank to Olga & Klaus, from german innovation thinktank of DB (Deutsche Bahn, german railways! Yeah!). This was your masterpiece!