Hoppla! Die Berliner TTN Community begrüßt heute Ihr 50tes Mitglied! You are welcome Gedeon!

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 08-02-2018

1st, let Gedeon introduce himself:

"Hi there!
my name is Gedeon, I'm 21 years old and, at the moment, I'am doing an internship in a startup in Berlin.
There we are working in the field of digital farming.
My task is to evaluate LPWAN-technologies for specific agricultural use cases, e.g. machine tracking. I'm working with sensors from pycom.io (LoPy, Pytrack,...).

For testing I would like to use your LoRaWAN - Gateways, because of the high range in the city.

Is this possible during the time of my internship (next two months)?


Thank you Gedeon for joining us. You are member number 50 here! You are very welcome!
We built TTN also for You!! It's totally free and you may use it of course, without any further request.
Nevertheless we are happy, you joined the "TTN Community Berlin" to enlighten our over all knowledge.

We wish you a sucessfull project and a happy time in Berlin!

A note to our readers: If you are interested in TTN, but not a member yet, so, pls join our community. We are just starting!